Here we have some photos from the club archives…


Askern Gala 2010

In 2010 Spa entered a raft in the Askern Gala raft race on Askern Lake. Unfortunately the result of this event has been lost in time – let us know if you happen to know what happened (and also if it really was 2010 as this is a bit of a guess…)





Miscellaneous photos

Ally Dennis,Liam Richards,Kim Webb,M.Walker,Nick Harnett,David Jones Middle Katie Johnson, Zoƫ Richards, Shelley Laverick,James Hickman, Front Helen Milan, Paul Milan and Ben Webb sorry cant recognise others but if you are there let me know and I will put you on.

the winning yorkshire intercounties team

Spas Claire Johnson and Michael Gartside part of the victorious 1999 Yorkshire Team, Front cover of the Swimming Times November 1999

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